When you see life differently, everything changes

You do not need to change who you are or what you do. I don't give you exercises to master or a to-do list. I lovingly point you in the direction of your happy place - which has always been and always will be inside of you.

Daily Lessons

Every day, you get a video lesson that will point you in the direction of your happy place.

Coaching Support with Caprice

As your guide and coach, I will walk with you step-by-step. These are the spiritual principles that set me free after I completely lost hope. I encourage you to email me directly for support. (I don't like that Facebook uses our personal data to make $$$ so I changed my mind about creating a Facebook group.)

No techniques to master. No self-improvement required or even encouraged.


I created Find Your Happy Place to help you relax into the joy of being. It will also help you break free from the past and overcome trauma, anxiety, loneliness and depression.

This is different than any self-help or personal development course you've ever taken. I promise you it is way easier.

I will be pointing you to truths that you know deep in your innermost self. All you need to do is relax, listen softly and let this understanding work its magic.

I hope you will join me on this journey. We are all in this together.

with love, Caprice

Course Curriculum

Find Your Happy Place is available to start today.

Everyone deserves peace of mind and joy.

One single payment of gives you lifetime access to all the lessons.
But more importantly, a deeper sense of your own well being.

Choose the payment plan that you can afford. If you can pay more, please do because it allows me to share this with more people. The more people who live from their happy place, the more peaceful with world will be.

Choose What You Can Afford